If you’re wanting the energy of a live performance and the variety of a DJ, we’re the band for you.

Troubadour Retrievers is a band consisting of a rotating lineup of professional Kansas City musicians – each with years of live performance experience. We all belong to several projects, please check the Bios page for more information.

What sets Troubadour Retrievers apart from other bands?

  • Versatility

Our repertoire spans several genres and decades. We have an extensive songlist that exceeds 500 songs and grows constantly. We don’t have to stick rigidly to a set list either. We adapt to our audience and play what they’re responding to. We are also open to requests.

  • Flexibility

You can call us if another band cancels. We all live in the Kansas City metro and since we have a rotating lineup there is a good chance that we can form a trio to play your venue at a moment’s notice. Since we are all professionals and we play with each other regularly we don’t need a rehearsal to pull off a great gig.

  • Dependability

Just as we can be available at moment’s notice, we are not likely to cancel a commitment if one member gets sick or has an emergency. Our network is extensive and it’s very easy for us to assemble a band of at least three capable musicians.

  • Professionalism

We are professionals. This is our job and we take it very seriously. We love to have fun, but not at the expense getting the job done. We promise rockstar quality without the rockstar attitude.

We have three different modes of performing. Choose the one that’s best for your needs.

  • We can play your party as a cover band with a set list.

You can choose a dozen or so of your favorite songs from our songlist and we will work them into the setlist for your event. This gives us a base of some of your favorites but also allows us to flesh out the rest of the music according to how your audience is responding. If you see any songs you definitely don’t want us to play, tell us those too and we will make a point to NOT play them. This goes for artists or genres as well. Your favorite song isn’t on the list? We may be able to learn it for you.

  • Live Jukebox/Karaoke

We will show up with a list of songs we can perform that night and host a karaoke-style live jam. The audience can choose what they want to hear as the party goes on. They can even get on stage and sing or play with the band. We’ll provide lyrics and instruments if needed.

  • Backing Band

You can hire us as your backing band for a full length show. This is perfect for singers and players who have a gig but not a band. This is a great option for auditions or aspiring artists who would like to try performing with a live band without the commitment of forming a band and the hassle of rehearsing.