The Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s not quite a blues jam, not quite open-mic night and not quite karaoke either. It’s kind of like the best parts of all of those things rolled into one.

The Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam is a rock n’ roll party hosted by the Troubadour Retrievers, we keep the music going throughout the night. But audience members join us on stage and perform with us– anyone and everyone is invited! We call the people who perform during the All Request Jam “jammers”. Jammers are sometimes other professional musicians and sometimes amateurs – most are just hanging out listening to the music until they say to themselves “Hey, I wanna try that!”


When is Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam?

Our regular night is:


How long have you guys been doing this?
The Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam started at Jerry’s Bait Shop in Lenexa, KS in February 2002. At that time it was simply referred to as Jerry’s Jam Night and it was hosted by Scotty McBee and his longtime collaborator Justin Collet. When a second Jerry’s Bait Shop location opened in Lee’s Summit, MO a few years later, we added a second night there. Since the time of the first “Jam Night” the band expanded and we decided to give ourselves a name. Thus Troubadour Retrievers was born and we have taken our concept all over Kansas City.

Why do people like to jam?
There are several different reasons why people like to participate in Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam. Most people just want to have fun and they want the experience of singing with a live band rather than the pre-recorded music they would find with karaoke. Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? Some people are newer musicians getting their wings. They come out so they can practice playing in front of an audience. If you’ve never performed live before, it’s much easier to coax yourself on stage for 2 songs rather than feeling like you have to do a whole set. And it gives pros a chance to play music they enjoy that they don’t normally get to play, or allow them to meet with other local musicians. Lots of networking, rehearsals and even band formations have happened at Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jams.

Do I have to be a professional musician?
Absolutely not, the Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam experience is here so everyone can feel the rush of getting on stage and playing live in front your friends. Hell, once you get on stage you’ll probably realize you have even more friends than you thought you did! Jamming is a great way to meet people, it’s a built in ice breaker!

Can I play original material?
Sure. Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam is a great place to promote your own music. Playing a song not of Troubadour Retrievers’ repertoire will most likely require either playing it solo or bringing up your entire band. However, depending on the song, a member or two of Troubadour Retrievers may be able to accompany you, please discuss any such special cases with us.

What is the age limit to participate?
All ages are welcome on stage during a Troubadour Retrievers All Request Jam.  We want to ensure the future generation of rock stars gets a proper education, after all. But please check with the venue to make sure they allow children. Most places that sell food can allow children until 10:30pm.

What kind of instruments can I play?
When you come up to perform, you can play on the Troubadour Retrievers’ instruments. We have a drum kit, a bass, an acoustic guitar and multiple electric guitars with two amplifiers. We also have picks, sticks, a capo and a slide available for use. Bringing your own axe is great! Please have it tuned and ready before you’re called to perform. If you’re wanting to play another portable instrument such as a horn or harmonica and you have it with you, sign it up and bring it up. If your instrument requires other than microphone or guitar amplification, like a keyboard, make your presence known to us so we can coordinate your set-up.