Other Projects of Members of Troubadour Retrievers:

The Brandon Miller Band is an original blues rock band featuring Brandon Miller, Bruce Haley and Jeff Daniels.

Special Forces – Salute to .38 Special is a tribute band featuring Scotty McBee as Don Barnes.

Stairway to Zeppelin is a Led Zeppelin tribute band featuring Brandon Miller as Jimmy Page.

Local favorite Drew Six’s band features Bret Boulé on bass and Guy Hodson on drums.

Ida McBeth is a local Kansas City Jazz and Blues legend. Scotty McBee has been her drummer for 17 years.

The Cheap Dates features Jeff Daniels on drums.

Brooke is our “Honorary Junior Retriever” or “pup”, if you will. 🙂

Our Favorite Venues:


Other Projects, Friends and Supporters:

Besides being an accomplished bass player, Bret Boulé is also a live food chef and spiritual nutrition counselor.

Bret Boulé’s lovely wife Kelly Murphy-Boulé is a qualified hypnotherapist with over 13 years of experience.

Beacon Press are good friends of the Troubadour Retrievers and they printed the first round of lyrics for the Troubadour Retriever’s lyric books au gratis because they’re awesome like that.

Bright Ideas Signs & More are good friends of ours and they do great work! Please think of them if you need a sign printed.

Maddoggraphix are friends of ours and they make our high-quality, good-looking t-shirts.

*Troubadour Retrievers does not have a sponsorship with any of the above. If you’re interested in being involved with Troubadour Retrievers please email troubadourretrievers@gmail.com